How do I maintain my artificial lawn?

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How do I maintain my artificial lawn?

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A very good question!

While artificial lawns are decidedly a lower maintenance option than actual turf lawns, they do still require some routine cleaning and maintenance on a regular basis.

As advertised, artificial grass is extremely low maintenance. In fact the only routine weekly maintenance necessary is to give the grass a quick sweep with a stiff brush to help minimise airborne weed spores accumulating on your grass. It’s also recommended that on a six monthly basis the grass is cleaned with a/or a trusted artificial grass cleaner.

While it may not seem obvious, our artificial lawns actually stand up very well to the demands of pet use. First, the effect of pets running on the lawn are usually minimal because their paws won’t damage the blades, plus our grass is super spring so it’ll pop straight back up.

Cleaning animal waste from an artificial lawn is pretty much the same process as it is on a natural grass lawn. The bulk of the pet waste is removed as you would normally do. Afterwards a disinfectant can be sprayed but a thorough rinsing with soapy water or a rinse down with a hose will do the job.

Artificial lawns are robust but one area where they must be proactively guarded is when it comes to burns. Everything from cigarettes and embers from charcoal can burn and damage the grass ( we can repair it though! ) That’s why it’s essential to keep these items away from you lawn.

Like any other surface, your lawn will be subjected to any number of stain producing materials including chewing gum, assorted food items and other edible items. You should clean the area as soon as possible to avoid staining. Fortunately, artificial turf is stain-resistant and rarely discolours due to these materials, but keeping the surface clean and attending to any spills or other staining materials is always best practice.

If your not up to maintaining it yourself then get in touch with Life Long Lawns and we’ll happily talk you through one of our maintenance packages.

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