Artificial Grass is Ideal For Pets and Pet Owners

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Artificial Grass is Ideal For Pets and Pet Owners

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Artificial Grass for Pets

Although you might think artificial pet grass is just for dogs, that’s not necessarily the case. It’s great for cats too, and most other kinds of pets as well. How many times have you had a pet come in from the back yard covered in mud, or at least dirty from playing around outside? This will be a thing of the past with artificial pet grass because the garden or the designated pet area will never get muddy again, no matter how much rain falls.

The grass naturally drains away excess water and urine, which means there won’t be dead spots in the lawn, and your pet’s muddy paws won’t be all over your furniture and clothes. Here are some of the additional benefits you can expect from installing artificial pet grass:

  • All artificial grass systems are non-toxic and safe for pets as well as humans
  • Your pet will not be exposed to fertilisers or pesticides
  • There will be no need for watering the lawn or fertilising it (except when you hose it off occasionally for cleaning)
  • During long droughts or rainfall shortages, an artificial system will not be harmed in any way
  • A good artificial system includes superior drainage so that puddles don’t form, and urine is channelled away from the surface
  • Pets are discouraged from digging and chewing on artificial grass, so you won’t be faced with holes in the yard
  • Durable pet grasses are built to stand up to hard, continuous use by your pets
  • With lawn maintenance virtually eliminated, you can expect to save money for years and years after installation
  • We also offer cleaning products which you can apply to your grass leaving it clean and fresh smelling

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